What if Your Brand was a TED Talk?

Your business was founded on a beauitful idea.

An idea that put you and your work on a new level of creative thinking and innovative problem solving. 

The people you've hired and the teams you've built, all carry that essense in their attitude, ambition and actions. 

But, much like other businesses that have grown well. The culture you've fostered, and the customers you've picked up along the way, don't always match up well. 

Why is that? 

Was it too much compromise? Was it the cash? Was it hopeful optimism?

It doesn't matter. All that matters the road ahead of you, the next customer, and the next customer, and the next customer. 

And the best way to make these customers are 'your people'. Is to show them your people, your brand, and your beautiful idea.

So, what if your brand WAS a TED Talk?

TED talks are great. They are perfectly crafted to get bold ideas across in short bursts of engaging and inspiring and content. 

And wouldnt that be the perfect way of getting the heart and soul of your brand across to people, teams and even customers? 

Yes, it TOTALLY would be. But, for some reason, 'Brand' is still something we try to get across in a 25+ page PDF, 2 hour webinar or death by PowerPoint. 

What makes this idea even better, is that this one great piece of content, can because the source for every piece of content your agency ever creates. 

And that will ensure that your own content will consistently promote the values, behaviours and ideas that you really care about. 

AND THAT will mean, no more (yawn) pointless press releases, 200 word annoucments passed off as blog posts or 'featured articles' that you just paid to have in The Drum or Forbes.

Let's just imagine for a second, that you have the perfect 12 minute talk.

A talk that challenges the status quo. Offers an alternative way of thinking. Solves a problem. Shares and idea. Speaks to your people. Builds a movement. 

But most importantly, makes all these things about you and your brand. 

Let's build this talk together.

We're inviting you on a three day retreat. To unplug from the day-to-day of agency life, and plug into the purpose and essence of your brand. 

Over the course of the three days, you will facilated through a process of exploration, storytelling,scripting and presenting. 

All focused towards building one talk. A talk that connects your brand to their right customers. And offers your people and teams with the values, langauage and content they need, to talk about your business, with the same insight, passion and vision that you do. 

On the final day, we'll proffesionally film your talk, and provide you with a perfectly edited, ready to share video.

Day One

Exploration & Story

  • Activity 
  • Activity 
  • Activity 
  • Activity 

Day Two

Framework & Script

  • Activity 
  • Activity 
  • Activity 
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Day Three

Your Talk

  • Activity 
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