How to build trust with real experiences. Not just data.

What is the purpose of content? -- That’s a pretty big question. -- And one that will mean different things to different people.

So take a moment to think about what the purpose of content is for your brand.

Take your time, there’s no rush. ⏲️

...all done? Great!

Often, the answers we hear to this question are increasing engagement, getting likes and comments, building relationships, educating your audience, and becoming an industry authority.

It’s important at this stage to point out that there is no wrong answer to this question.

But in adherence to the framework that we’ve created, there is one answer that we consider to be more important than any other.

The purpose of content is to build trust.


The relationship between content and trust 💗

Trust is the most important and fundamental emotion and feeling that you and your audience can have with one another in order to build a sales relationship. And let’s be honest. The ultimate commercial goal of content is to bring in sales.

But this can’t be achieved unless the higher goal of content, both as an individual piece and as an entire strategy, is focused on building trust from the start.


How many businesses build trust 💻

For many businesses, data is power. Data informs AI, automation, personalisation, and many other advanced marketing tactics.

So much so, that many businesses are becoming obsessed with data capture techniques, data management platforms, and AI systems.

All of which can become incredibly costly, complicated, and time consuming.

But we have to ask, is this necessary?

What about the smaller brands who don’t have the budget or resource for advanced data strategy? Or those who are just starting out and barely have any data to begin with?

At Content Club we believe in a different approach to building trust. One that is accessible to all businesses. And one that works.


How we build trust 🤝

At Content Club, building trust is all about real experiences.

Why spend hours and thousands of pounds on analysing faceless data when you have so much experience and knowledge at your fingertips.

What are we talking about...? 

Face to face interaction! As in.. simply talking to people? 🗨️


Think about your face to face interactions; how you talk to someone in a human way. If you want someone to buy from you, one of the best practices is to actually meet them. Shake their hand, talk to them, smile at them, ask them questions, tell jokes! 

Because all of this builds a relationship. And this is what builds trust.

You can gain insight into this process by reflecting on what your most successful face to face interactions look like. And how you can replicate that in your content.

How does our creative process, our planning process, the platforms, and channels that we choose to use give us the very best chance of replicating those awesome face-to-face interactions that we know we're capable of having?

Fortunately, the answers all lie in your experience. Not on a spreadsheet.


Before you go...

At Content Club our goal is to help businesses make content their superpower.

Trust is just one element of successful content. So if you’d like to learn more, or understand how you can embed content into your wider business, then get in touch for a friendly chat.