How to become well known and celebrated for your ideas

Let’s be honest. Being celebrated is great.  --- It gives us that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with being recognised and appreciated. Who wouldn’t love that? 🤗

But when it comes to content, being well known and celebrated doesn’t come easy. You will have to earn that recognition from your community. 

So, how do you go about doing that? 

To begin with, we would recommend asking yourself the following questions in all of your content:

  1. Does my content build trust?
  2. Am I generously educating my audience?
  3. Do I display empathy?
  4. Is my content entertaining?
  5. Is anyone engaging with my content?


All of the above is key to building quality content. They make up the secret formula for gaining respect and recognition in your community to become well-known and celebrated for your ideas. 🎉


The importance of building trust 🤝

Trust is the most important and fundamental emotion that you and your audience can have with one another. It’s the ultimate goal of content. And it is also essential when it comes to being known and celebrated by others.

At the end of the day, people buy from people. Notably, people they trust. 

Content is essential to building trust as it can showcase your personality, your approach to work, your knowledge, and your generosity when educating others.

The first step in building trust and recognition with content is to focus on the 3 E’s to quality content - education, empathy, and entertainment.

Education 📚

Firstly, you want to be sure you are sharing your ideas and experience with your audience in a way that makes them feel welcome and in safe hands. Show them how much of a generous and reliable source you are!

Often we see businesses and individuals making the mistake of not wanting to give their ‘secrets’ away, for fear of others taking their knowledge without giving anything back.

But the truth is, no amount of blog posts and videos can substitute for the years’ worth of experience you have.

So make the most of your expertise and educating capabilities; using them to sell the complexity of work and services that you offer to others.


Empathy 💗

The second E to consider is empathy. Empathy refers to the intimate understanding of your audience’s goals and challenges, as well as the language you use to communicate with them.

By speaking from the perspective of your audience, and talking about shared experiences and problems that you understand, you will immediately be creating empathy in your content.

This should always take place over singling out your audience as the only ones with these challenges. Or even exploiting those challenges for your own means.


Entertainment 😊

Last but not least, entertainment! And we don’t mean entertainment in terms of excitement and fun. Instead, entertainment refers to the emotion and personality that you convey in your content.

For example, let’s think about entertainment in terms of movies. We can watch scary movies. Romantic movies. Happy movies. And sad movies. There are all sorts of movie entertainment we can indulge in. Think about content in these terms too.

When it comes to building trust with entertainment, it’s also helpful to think of how we build trust in face to face interactions. Consider what you do to build relationships with people in this way. Do you smile lots? Do you gesture with your hands? 

Try to convey this level of emotion and connection in your writing to showcase your personality.


Engagement 👈

Now you have built quality content which will gain you trust, it’s time to put it out to your audience and build engagement. 

Many businesses will create content, set it live on their website, and then expect people to engage with it. However, if you’re not putting your content directly in front of people, then there is little chance of them finding it and therefore, engaging with it.

It’s easy to get carried away and begin sporadically blasting out content on every possible channel. But this is not only a drain on your time, but also doesn’t produce the best results.

So I suggest finding the channels that your audience love to engage on, and focusing on simple, actionable, promotional activities that you can consistently build up over time. 

What next? 

So you’ve followed the 3 E’s to build trustworthy, shareable content. And you’re working on a regular promotional activity to build engagement.

The next step is to consistently continue this strategy.

Respect and recognition does not come overnight. But by continuing to build trust, offer quality content, and put it in front of your audience, you will begin to get noticed, become well known, and ultimately, celebrated. 🙌


Before you go…

At Content Club our goal is to help businesses make content their superpower.

Being celebrated for your ideas is just one benefit of content. So if you’d like to learn more, or understand how you can embed content into your wider business, check out our free online training course: The Content Creator Framework