Heriatge Fund Content Strategy Resources

Welcome Back to Content Club

Your roadmap to implementing a easy to manage and effective Content Startegy. 

This course is made up of 13 units. Each unit comprises a short video and most of the units have a templates or canvas to complete. Once all the templates are completed, they come together to form your content strategy!

The final video and template is one-page content strategy, which you can use to bring together all the headline concepts within your strategy into one easy to read and use place. 

Let's get started... 

Unit 01: Welcome

We take you through what to expect from the course, and how it all works.


Unit 02: Course Overview

We introduce you to the structure of the course so that you understand how best to follow each unit.


Unit 3. Purpose: Building Trust

What is the purpose of content and how can we use that for more effective engagement?


Unit 4. Purpose: Quality Content

We take a look at the quality of your content, and what actually defines 'quality'.


Unit 5. Purpose: Goals & Objectives

How to build goals and objecives around the content you are creating.


Unit 6. Planning: Journeys & Categories

The tools and techniques you can put in place to plan the most effective content.


Unit 7. Planning: Content Types

After looking at caterogies, we take you through the different types of content you can create.


Unit 8. Planning: Ideas for Content

Building out a catalogue of ideas for content by using audience personas.


Unit 9. Production: Quality Content

Putting processes in place for more effective creation of quality, engaging content.


Unit 10. Production: Using Content Templates

Build yourself a set of templates, which you can use to plan and create all your content.


Unit 11. Promotion: Platforms & Channels

How to select the platforms and channels that will ensure maximum engagement with your content.


Unit 12. Promotion: Promotional Checklists

Ensure that your content is being put infront of the audiences you want to reach.


Unit 13: One Page Strategy

Get all the essentials decisions and actions for you strategy documented in one place.