Five tips for getting ahead of the competition with content

Hey Clubbers! In this blog post I want share with you my top five tips for getting ahead of your competitors, by leveraging your best content! Let's jump straight in.

1. Finding the gaps

Find the gaps in your competition. So, at some point along the line, your competition are going to be missing either a relevancy gap, a quality gap or an authority gap. You’ll need to go and look at the content that your competition is creating, look where their weak spots are, and then start creating content that fills that gap. And then in time, your customers and your audience will begin to find those answers on your website and instead your content (because it’s BETTER!).

2. Get Personal

The second thing is you need to get more personal in the way you write and promote your content. This because people buy from people. And c’mon, you have a great personality, your customers like you AND you are super knowledgeable. The more you can convey that through your content, the more likely it is that people are going to build up trust with you and eventually buy products and services from you.

3. Copy people…

You can 100% copy your competition. If there's someone who's a couple of years ahead of you in terms of building their brand and so on, go and look at what they're doing, see what you like and then tastefully plagiarize their work. If you like the way that they create blog content, copy that style, copy the themes that they're talking about, it’s okay to borrow these ideas. If you like the way that they're onboarding people into their email lists, use that technique, reverse engineer their content strategy and start using it to your own benefit. That's totally fine. Find out what works from your competitors, and just go be more you about it!

4. Collaborate

It’s always good to be getting people to review and compare what you do against other competitors. So, if you've got bloggers in your marketplace that are already talking about what's available and reviewing tools and so on, contact them. Reach out to them and say,

“Hey, I've got this thing that I'm doing here. Would you like to be able to create content about it?”

That then also starts to create opportunities for creating great back-links between your website, their website. That's good for SEO. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

5. Quality over Quantity.

You want to pick less content types to be working with. And you want to pick less platforms to be publishing on. This allows you to focus on the quality of content that you're creating. As I mentioned in that first point, you've got to look for the gaps in your content market space and quality is always going to be one of them. If someone's blog isn't quite up to scratch, make a better one. If someone's Facebook adverts aren't quite up to scratch, make better ones. Focus on the quality, reduce the amount of content you're creating, and don't spread yourself so thin. I want you to focus on creating great quality content for your audience!

That's a wrap. What I'm really looking forward to is hearing your thoughts on this. If you want to chat more about this topics, just head over to our Facebook Community, we’ll be waiting for you!


There is also a video version of this blog post. Check it out.