Content Creator Framework: Free Online Training Course

Your roadmap to implementing an easy to manage and effective Content Strategy.

The Content Creator Framework teaches you become a more confident and productive content maker, by building a strategy and a new way of doing.

What's included?

Through 13 videos and 10 activities, this free course breaks down content strategy into four core capabilties: 

  1. Purpose - understand WHY you create content and how it helps your business grow. 
  2. Planning - adopt new ways of coming up with ideas and managing your content 'to-do' lists. 
  3. Producing - streamline your creative processes and gain a deep understanding of what makes YOUR content great.
  4. Promoting - making content is one thing, but giving it reach and engagment requires a planned and consistent approach! 
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What Will You Learn...

The course is made up of 12 Units. Plus a bonus 'One Page Content Strategy' Activity at the end of the course. Each unit inlcudes a 10 minutes video plus a PDF canvas for you to download and fill in.

Once you have completed the course, you combine all your canvases together, to form one overarching strategy for your succeding in your new approach to content. 

What's in each unit...

1. Welcome to the course!

We take you through what to expect from the course, and how it all works.

2. Course overview

We introduce you to the structure of the course so that you understand how best to follow each unit.

3. Purpose: Building trust

What is the purpose of content and how can we use that for more effective engagement.

4. Purpose: Quality content

We take a look at the quality of your content, and what actually defines 'quality'.

5. Purpose: Goals & objectives

How to build goals and objecives around the content you are creating.

6. Planning: Journeys & categories

The tools and techniques you can put in place to plan the most effective content.

7. Planning: Content types

After looking at caterogies, we take you through the different types of content you can create.

8. Planning: Ideas for content

Building out a catalogue of ideas for content by using audience personas.

9. Production: Quality content

Putting processes in place for more effective creation of quality, engaging content.

10. Production: Using content templates

We introduce you to one of the best shortcuts you can take as a content creator.

11. Promotion: Platforms & channels

How to select the platforms and channels that will ensure maximum engagement with your content.

12. Promotion: Promotional checklists

Ensure that your content is being put infront of the audiences you want to reach.