Content Strategy Workshops

One or Two Day Workshops. Designed To Make Content EASY.

Would you like to form a clear, managable and effective content strategy for your team?

We know how muddled and busy your content making and marketing can get. Without a clear strategy, everything can end up feeling far too ad-hoc, directionless and unmeasurable. 

So, let's take some time to lift our ahead above SEO, CTAs and ad-spent to really focus on aligning the PURPOSE, PLANNING, PRODUCING and PROMOTING of your content. 

What To Expect From Your Workshop.

The workshop is broken down into four units; Purpose, Planning, Producing, and Promoting, with a final session at the end to get your whole strategy down on one page.

Each unit has number of activities, tools and tasks, which we deep dive into through out the day. You will complete canvases, tools and planning sheets throughout each section, which will collectivley make up your whole strategy moving forward. 

The Purpose of Content:

  • Building Trust 
  • Content Goals and Objectives

Planning Content:

  • Content Categories
  • Content Journeys
  • Researching Content Gaps
  • Researching Your Audience

Producing Content:

  • Designing Content Types
  • Creating Quality Content
  • Managing Ideas for Content
  • Building Content Templates

Promoting Content:

  • Content Platforms & Channels
  • Content Collaborations
  • Calls to Action & Calls to Conversation
  • Promoting Checklists & Automation

Content Strategy Overview:

  • One Page Content Strategy


About Content Club
We have run over 70 learning events over 2 years and helped hundreds of people move forward with content! We love empowering, teaching and showing busy content makers how to bring their best ideas to life online.

Duration & Venue:
All our workshops can be run at your office or ours (in Brighton), delivered over one full day, or two half days. Or, online using Zoom, over 2x 3 hour sessions. 


  • In-house, Full Day: £1,300 + travel 
  • In-House, Over 2 Half Days: £1,600 + travel & accomodation
  • Online, 2x 3 hour sessions: £1,100
  • Our House in Brighton, Full Day: £1,100