Let's build a content strategy that will make you go 🥳

Here's the truth. 

📝 Planning content doesn't take long.

🎨 Creating content can actually be really fun. 

🚀 Hitting publish on content is as easy as... just that realy. 

But doing all three, and doing them consistently. Hmm not so much

Your content strategy can have all the keywords, target audiences and ROAS (return on ad something-or-other) you like.

But if it doesn't make content easy and managable to do. It's as useful as a chocolate teapot 🫖. 

Getting started

The Content Club™ Strategy Builder is simple. And it works REAL good.

We use our trademarked framework for developing content strategies for creative people and teams. 

To produce you:

✅ An easy to follow explainer video
✅ Up to 25 ideas for new content
✅ Up to 5 Templates for building your content 
✅ A plan of channels and platforms to use
✅ A content centred audience persona
✅ One Page Content Strategy 
... and quite a lot more. 

How it works:
Step 1.
You complete an online survey
Step 2. You wait 30 days... 
Step 3 We send you a complete content strategy

PLUS: A detailed video walk through  
PLUS 90 mins of bookable consulting call to help you implement the work.

What's Included

Strategy Element

What is this?

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Mission Statement

A clear vision for your strategy and
the content you create. 

See an example

Audience Persona

A simple illustration of who you
create content for

See an example

Content User Journeys

A map of how you'll turn your
audience into customers

See an example

Content Types 

A detailed list of what content you'll
create and what it includes

See an example

Topic Planner w/ 25 Ideas for Content

A catalogue of ideas, headlines and
topics for you turn into content

See an example

5x Complete Content Templates

Ready-to-go templates for creating
consistent and creative content

See an example

Content Discovery Research:
Hashtags, Keywords & Influencers

A list of different trends on
social & socal, for better reach

See an example

Platforms and Channels List

A break down of all the places
your content will exisit. 

See an example

Promotional Plan

A daily/weekly check list of promo activities
to reach your audience. 

See an example

Pricing - £975

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